Mrs Miniver

I didn’t intend to create a Mrs Miniver she just happened! She looked very 1940’s so Greer Garson from Mrs Miniver came to mind. Her arms had to be adjusted but finally I was happy with her. Now off across the Atlantic to her new lovely owner.


My new art doll Nancy.  A work in progress that I’m enjoying very much.  Hopefully she will be in my shop later on today.

Little red shoes and pink heart.
Tied joints using thread.

Head mess

For the last week I have struggled with my work.  Ive had the need to be incredibly creative but somehow I think Ive tried too hard as what I want to do just isn’t materialising.  This may or may not make sense to you.  My brain has been fizzy, this is the only way I can describe it. I feel the need to change but after doing art dolls for three years now I’m a bit set in my ways.

Break through yesterday with a new doll (i just can’t break away from them!).  Made with air drying clay which I love for its non shrinkage and smooth appearance.  Photos show the current state of play.



I started the fabric dolls (see previous post) thinking this was the way to go through the winter time when outside work like sanding is differcult but I can’t keep away from the paper clay process for too long. Meet Alice my latest doll who has taken ages it seems to make.  What with the Christmas holidays and health issues I haven’t had many free days in a row to get stuck in!  She measures 41cm from head to toe and has jointed arms at the shoulder and jointed legs at thigh and knee so she can sit prettily on a shelf somewhere nice. Simple skirt with appliquéd details, simple black painted top, kitten bow and pink striped tights.  It was nice to use my new fabric labels for the first time which I sewed to the back of her skirt.  She’s up for sale in my store now after my usual umming and arring over how much I should price her.  Its a fair price for the hours spent on her, which i hope everyone appreciates – £150 +postage.



Fabric and cushioned

As Winter draws in the construction of papier mache dolls becomes harder.  The sanding and shaping of the clay is a messy old job which I normally do outside in warmer months.  Wet clay and dust go everywhere!  So for a change I have had a go at some cushioned ladies.  I have four huge boxes full of fabric scraps in my workshop that I have collected over the years with the, “I’ll use that for something one day”thought in my mind.  Well now is the time.

They are for sale in my shop from noon today!

Work in progress
I always like the look of the back
Standing attention


Me and the girls



A delayed post, but I suspect anyone who reads this has already been aware of the Eve’s progress via Instagram or Facebook.  My ten little friends we’re completed with ten little dresses and ten little cardies, bags and accessories. I suppose it took three to four weeks to make them,  a strange process making them as I have never made a bulk of dolls before. Also as they had to be based on @prettygreenbullet and @stories_of_eves ‘s Eve they had to look relatively similar. They didn’t look similar as it turned out. Yes they had the same hairdo and white dress etc but still they turned out all individual but distinctly ‘Eve’ I really liked this outcome.

My good friend Ghadah @prettygreenbullet came over  (all the way from her hometown Kuwait) to meet and play with the ten Eves before taking them back to Kuwait for adoption at Dar-Nur.

Here are photos of the 12 of us with a guest appearance from Eno cat 🙂

the same but not the same
final FolkyFlo inspection
half way down the stairs is a good place to be
a force to be reckoned with!


Eno cat inspects his troops
The lovely Ghadah and friends



4 of the 11

Its a funny thing when it comes to dolls faces.  Like humans each doll will always look different.  I make them all exactly the same and my illustration style is the same when drawing on the face but they never look identical, I like this.

My current batch of 11 Eve FolkyFlo dolls are in full speed ahead mode.  I have to admit that making 11 all at the same time is a bit overwhelming.  I normally make one doll at a time which is lavished with time and attention. With the 11 some I noticed had more care than others spent on them.  A few have had to be re moulded because of this.  I feel I broke through yesterday with getting them all to a FolkyFlo standard! Now that 9 out of the 11 have faces I can bond with each one individually,  this makes a big difference!  One special Eve is for Ghadah @prettygreenbullet, a smaller doll for her than before.  She is lovely and my favourite so far.

Processed with Snapseed.
PrettyGreenBullet’s Eve