I’m Laura Bevan, an Artist, Crafter and creator of papier mache little folk (sometimes big folk!)

I originally trained as an Graphic Designer and have worked as an illustrator and Artist.  Nowadays most of my creative time is spent doll making which is my passion!  I work from my North London workshop and home.

Folky Flo showcases my papier mache models as well as giving an insight into the construction of the little folk. When creating my little folk dolls, figurines and shrines I escape into a magical world which I hope reflects in my work for the owners of my art dolls.  The making of my dolls incorporates all of my favourite crafts, model making, illustrating, sewing and knitting.

Each doll I make is unique, there is never a replica. and each doll has in my eyes its own character and personality.

I am hugely influenced by Folk Art, Indian wooden carved dolls and antique china dolls. I am also influenced by illustrators Beatrix Potter and Eric Fraser.

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