Our Lady of the Stars

I have a fondness for reliquaries.  A highly decorated container for relics.  Sounds wonderful, so Ive decided to create my own saints and objects worthy of worship.  Although I’m not a religious person I love the theatre and imagery that comes with old European religion.   This is my first shrine, ‘Our lady of the Stars’.  Sculpted with the fabulous Das air drying clay and moulded onto a canvas board. Then painted with acrylic paints.  Finished off with gold paste, no reliquary is complete without a little gold bling!

She has now been sold and has arrived in the USA safely.  She is to hang in my client’s studio as her muse…isn’t that lovely?!


2 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Stars

  1. I love your image of our lady so the stars.
    I am giving a talk about her and using “morning star” to describe her.
    Could I show your image on a PowerPoint?
    I will give you the credit in any way you would like to be referenced.
    Genevieve Cassani


    1. Dear Genevieve,
      Yes feel free to use the image. Thank you so much for your interest. Please refer to me Laura Bevan as the maker. @folkyflo is my name used in social media, website etc.
      King regards


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