Blythe started off as a fuller figured doll and I had in mind to create a middle aged 1940’s character.  Brogues, tweed skirt, that particular forties style of hair but she went her own way and turned into a rather pretty young thing with bright floral dress.  I get such a buzz from the way they sort of develop into what they want to be.  My lovely American friend Sue from Instagram bought her before I had even finished her dress.  Mauve netting was added to her underskirt as Sue is rather partial to ballerina netting (i’ll always make an exception for Sue!).  I also ditched the black pen in the detailing.  Its automatic as thats my illustration style but i ran out of pens! Couldn’t be bothered to wait till my next art shop trip so I used my paints instead. I rather like it and it got a good reaction on Instagram too.IMG_7185IMG_7186IMG_7187IMG_7188IMG_7189IMG_7190IMG_7192

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