The illustrated lady

The illustrated lady was a little jump into illustrating again.  I enjoy details so now I’ve started painting all of my dolls with a white gesso background it makes an ideal base for pen illustrating.  She has a lot going on front and back!  It will give her future buyer lots to look at!  The fox on the front is an important animal to me.  I find them a very mystical animal. They feature a lot in my illustration work.  The people represented on her legs are imagined ancestors that are watching over. Foliage, flowers and hearts are intwined.   I added a little bit of subtle colour, coloured pencil.  I don’t usually colour my black and white illustrations but this seemed  appropriate for the lady.  She hasn’t got a name yet…I’ll leave that to the new owner. For sale now in my Big Cartel Shop x

The illustrated lady
Her charms – bird, hearts and flower
A cap decorated with flowers
Boots and socks
the illustrated lady
Foxy top


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