I started the fabric dolls (see previous post) thinking this was the way to go through the winter time when outside work like sanding is differcult but I can’t keep away from the paper clay process for too long. Meet Alice my latest doll who has taken ages it seems to make.  What with the Christmas holidays and health issues I haven’t had many free days in a row to get stuck in!  She measures 41cm from head to toe and has jointed arms at the shoulder and jointed legs at thigh and knee so she can sit prettily on a shelf somewhere nice. Simple skirt with appliquéd details, simple black painted top, kitten bow and pink striped tights.  It was nice to use my new fabric labels for the first time which I sewed to the back of her skirt.  She’s up for sale in my store now after my usual umming and arring over how much I should price her.  Its a fair price for the hours spent on her, which i hope everyone appreciates – £150 +postage.



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