A delayed post, but I suspect anyone who reads this has already been aware of the Eve’s progress via Instagram or Facebook.  My ten little friends we’re completed with ten little dresses and ten little cardies, bags and accessories. I suppose it took three to four weeks to make them,  a strange process making them as I have never made a bulk of dolls before. Also as they had to be based on @prettygreenbullet and @stories_of_eves ‘s Eve they had to look relatively similar. They didn’t look similar as it turned out. Yes they had the same hairdo and white dress etc but still they turned out all individual but distinctly ‘Eve’ I really liked this outcome.

My good friend Ghadah @prettygreenbullet came over  (all the way from her hometown Kuwait) to meet and play with the ten Eves before taking them back to Kuwait for adoption at Dar-Nur.

Here are photos of the 12 of us with a guest appearance from Eno cat 🙂

the same but not the same
final FolkyFlo inspection
half way down the stairs is a good place to be
a force to be reckoned with!


Eno cat inspects his troops
The lovely Ghadah and friends


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