Every doll needs a little white dress!

I don’t really consider myself to be an particularly good dressmaker but I can cobble a dress together….just!  I don’t make clothes for myself that often I just tend to adapt Charity shop buys which i enjoy so much better.   The great thing about making dolls dresses though is that you don’t have to use a pattern.  Just hold the fabric up against the doll, cut out and sew.  If its too big cut a bit off and sew again.  Also the doll always seems to be very happy about what ever I make them.

All the EveFolkyFlo dolls that I’m making at the moment will have removable dresses.  I do this because I like the owner to see the painted underwear underneath which is always fun. I also like it that my dolls are not just an Art doll to look at but a tactile dress up doll for grown up children (adults).

For more information on the original Eve that these dolls are based on please see @stories_of_eves via Instagram.  Or go to Ghadah Alkandari’s www.prettygreenbullet.com


Eve rummaging amongst the flowers


A little shell button on the neckline
Show us your petticoats!
Processed with Snapseed.
Eve no 2 with a ruffle

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