4 of the 11

Its a funny thing when it comes to dolls faces.  Like humans each doll will always look different.  I make them all exactly the same and my illustration style is the same when drawing on the face but they never look identical, I like this.

My current batch of 11 Eve FolkyFlo dolls are in full speed ahead mode.  I have to admit that making 11 all at the same time is a bit overwhelming.  I normally make one doll at a time which is lavished with time and attention. With the 11 some I noticed had more care than others spent on them.  A few have had to be re moulded because of this.  I feel I broke through yesterday with getting them all to a FolkyFlo standard! Now that 9 out of the 11 have faces I can bond with each one individually,  this makes a big difference!  One special Eve is for Ghadah @prettygreenbullet, a smaller doll for her than before.  She is lovely and my favourite so far.

Processed with Snapseed.
PrettyGreenBullet’s Eve


2 thoughts on “faces

    1. Hi Naheel, Thank you for your love and interest in EveFolkyFlo dolls! This current collection of dolls is a collaboration with Artist Ghadah Alkandari. They will be coming to Dar.Nur, Kuwait in December for sale. I’m not sure where you live in the world but you can contact the shop at info@dar-nur.com. The website is http://www.dar-nur.com
      Thank you and many thanks!
      Laura Bevan


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